test version

  • after installation Ips-Qos software tries to register and to download a license key via the internet;
  • if network settings were detected incorrectly during installation, registration must be done manually, after correcting WAN settings;
  • license link 1 informing about license status is placed in the right top corner of the Main window of the administrator’s program;
  • registration is not completed until registered » text doesn’t appear in the link;
  • if not registered clicking the link 1 starts a new registration, otherwise current license status is reported: type, serial number, owner, expiration;
  • in the registration process ips-qos software obtains an unique serial number and a license key valid for 14 days since the date of registration.

commercial version, to get an unlimited license :

  • the serial number should be mailed to;
  • the current price ( see licence ») should be paid via PayPal using a link received per e-mail;
  • after an e-mail confirmation new registration should be started to download a new license key;
  • new registration consists of few steps:
  1. - reload the qos regulator in the Global settings window,
  2. - after several seconds reload Main window and check the link 1,
  3. - if no new license is reported, repeat the previous steps,
  4. - report problems.