Welcome to pages dedicated to special issues of Ips-Qos system: 1.10.8 se, 1.10.9 se, 1.10.10 se.

More about its special advantages you will find out here ». If this is your first visit, be sure to also visit this page ».

Ips-Qos is the software used to build a functionally-rich: a bridge », router » or server ».

You will find not only links to programs », but also ready-made equipment » under control of Ips-Qos.

A brief explanation of the name  Ips-Qos. It consists of two parts: the first means “Internet protocol security”, the second stands for “Quality of services”. It is also the shortest description of its purpose and potential.

Ips-Qos is available as free and commercial version, see the license ».

The further development of Ips-Qos you can find out visiting the workshop ».

Visit the gallery » to view more.

Have fun!

  1. “Limited logging” is now also available for Ips-Qos IPv4 WAN 1-10.

  2. I’m happy to announce that the first Ips-Qos issue supporting IPv6 is available now, see Sofware->ISO …

  3. The @ character is usually associated with the Internet, so it is deliberately used in the context of Ips-Qos. Recently I came up something like this (see below), which I use sometimes to sign e-mails to my son.


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